Announcing the third ICDYAP installation Artists!

For our third installation- the 'ICYDAP: Culture Lab', we've teamed up with thinkers, makers and geniuses! EXCITMENT!

Who are they? Well...

ANGELA BOWNE SC Barrister & mediator specialising in intellectual property, arts and entertainment law and alternative dispute resolution.

BEN McREADY a 26 year old Libran who makes art.

CHRIS FOX an Artist who combines the architectural and the artistic in his sculptures, interventions, hybrid objects, drawings and models.

DANE MCCAMMEY a Quantum Physicist and ARC Postdoctoral Fellow whose research focuses on spin physics in semiconductors and semiconductor devices.

EDDIE SHARP writer, performer and curator who lives and works in Sydney.

NICK COYLE a brunette writer, director, and illustrator, whose latest show Me Pregnant! is playing at the Melbourne Fringe Festival pretty much right now.

JAMES HARNEY an artist and designer working at the intersection of installation, video, painting and design.

BENJA HARNEY a self-taught Paper Engineer who has been dedicated to engineering high-end pop-up books and paper constructions for 6 years.

KATHERINE BRICKMAN & KATE MITCHELL of Greedy Hen a multi-disciplinary studio whose work falls between the boundaries of traditional media .

PHIL YOUNG an Inventor who diverts his attention from his day job as a Special FX tech to solve problems nobody has thought of yet.


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